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5 ways to prepare for your family photo session.

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Getting the most out of your family photography session.

Preparing for your family photo session can be a real challenge. There are so many possibilities and it all looks a bit overwhelming. I know how it feels. I’ve been on the other side of a lens too.

When you prepare for your photo session you are getting everything ready, but you are also wondering how will the kids like the session and whether will they be in a good mood. It is quite a challenge to predict what will the little ones do. But not to worry. I have a few tips for you and I hope it will help you to prepare for your next photography session so you get the most fantastic photos to cherish forever.

# 1. Get them excited about the session.

Most of the kids need some time to adhere to the new situation. It does help a lot if you talk with your children about the day. Get them ready and excited about what we will do. You can plan some favorite activity for after the session.

It could help the little ones stay excited even though more “boring” parts of the schedule. There are a few nice places to visit not far from the studio. It could be a great finish of the day if you went to the ZOO or playground near the Visitor Center in Phoenix Park after the session. This is just a few of the ideas for “after the session” treat.

# 2. Time of the day is a key!

When you are going to schedule your photo session to be sure to follow your children sleep routine. There is very little chance a baby will be happy before his/her nap. If you have more than one child, who still nap during the day, try to pick a time where the overlap of playtime is possible to happen. 

# 3. Feed them before we start.

No one is happy if hungry. Simple as that, make sure your kiddos get their food before our session. If you are planning a dinner for after the photos, make sure they tummies are not empty. Sometimes even some nonmessy snack on the way over to us can provide the extra energy to keep going until dinner. Children could get hungry in the studio. The session and activities can be quite high energy and be tiring. Having some snack, yogurt or favorite fruit by hand can sometimes make or break the session.

# 4. Bring along a little bit of home.

Being in a new place and doing all the funny things can be sometimes overwhelming for kids. There is nothing as good as a sight of your cuddly blanket or a favorite toy. Anything that brings home and comforts a little closer would work amazing. Bring it with you to the studio (even if it means bringing a large bag of stuff along). Kids like to play with what they know. Think of favorite songs and plays beforehand.  We can all have fun “roving the boat” or telling funny jokes along taking pictures.

#5. Dress to... be yourself

You should always look like yourselves in the images. There is usually a timeless option to choose for the style you are fond of. Whether you choose an elegant or casual look, you should pick muted colors and decide on a coordinating color set. It means picking three or four colors that “go” together. Then you need to implement these into the outfit of the family and stick to few rules. The gold rule is to say away from large patterns and logos as it dates very quickly.

There is a great visual guide on my Pinterest board where I gathered some inspirational articles and examples.

Ps. As I mentioned, I was in your shoes few times 😉

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My two little monkeys never stop to surprise me with the new challenges we need to get sorted.  Every family is different but the above tips would work for a majority of us. I hope it will help you as much as it does help me to get ready for our family photo session