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About us

What can Visible Moments Photography do for you?

Your family is the most important and beautiful thing in your life. You would freeze the moments if you could.

There is no pause button – but there are photographs!

Do you think it's too stressful to bring a baby or a toddler to photography studio?

I was nervous to bring my very active and curious 2yr old along who usually doesn't sit still for long. However, she (Joanna) captured our sons' personalities within the photographs, letting them have freedom, being very patient, engaging and calm while working with both our 3month old and 2year old.

Hannah, Gabriel and Hugo's Mum

The baby and family photography isn’t an easy task to do. You need the photos to be done quickly. The place you are going to be safe for children and the process to be simple.

At the studio, I create a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to ease kids into the new environment. There is room to sit down. You can watch cartoons, color, or read books for siblings who are waiting for their turn in a photo session.

The session is paced and timed to accommodate your little one’s needs according to the age they are at.

I make sure you have my help every step of the way. Should you need help with choosing an outfit or finding ideas on how to prepare kids for the photo session I will always lend you all my knowledge for the best results.

Being a parent of a newborn baby is possibly the most exhausting job ever.

I do know what being a parent to a newborn baby means. The tiredness and lack of sleep are unbelievable.

When I see you for your newborn photography session it could last a few hours. You are welcome to use the comfy couch to rest when I take over your precious little bundle. And when you need a little TLC there also is coffee, tea, and some snacks by hand.

I do understand how fragile and confusing this time is for mums. Life has changed so much. The baby is here but the body needs more time to bounce back. If you decide to take part in the photo session, for your family portrait, I am going to use all the tricks of a trade to make sure that these images are going to be the most beautiful bunch, to cherish for years.

Joanna is amazing at her job. She managed to capture some beautiful family shots despite mam being body conscious only a few days after giving birth! She has the perfect manner of working with babies. She is sweet, calm, professional and talented. The moments she captured are priceless.

Clodagh, baby Jack's Mum

I truly believe that images should be existing without the need for electricity.

That means images are only final when printed. To give you the product you are hiring me to deliver I will only settle for handing over at least one portrait on paper to you.

After the session, we will meet at your ordering appointment. There and then you will be able to see your photos in a gallery, decide on your favorite images and design your wall art and albums. You can rely on my knowledge and professional expertise to help you create the most suitable display of your images. I use advanced software that will let you view your own images on your own walls scaled to fit the dimensions of your chosen product. You can’t go wrong with that.

I am Joanna Sieczkowska

the photographer at Visible Moments Photography.

My professional journey started in 2006 when I became a freelance photographer in Dublin. Over the years I’ve worked in event photography, fashion, and product photography.

For every turn, I took in my professional carrier, I always retreated to creating portraits of kids and families. The love, the connection and all the giggles that I am able to capture in photographs amaze me every time.

When I became a mum myself the missing jigsaw piece was created.

To me, the most important part of photography is the fact that the legacy of your family is being preserved and that your children will know how valuable to the family they are.

Would you like to create a timeless portrait for your own family?

Give me a call at (00353) 089 4858518 or drop me an email and I’ll make sure to chat with you very soon about the idea of your new images of your growing family,

Joanna, xxx

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