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What will happen to your family portrait in few years time?

digital gallery wall
Will your family portrait survive a digital extinction?Turn your family portrait into a timeless treasure. Have you ever flicked through a family photo album and loved every moment? Did you look over the family memories with your mum or maybe a grandparent, laughing and sighing at the memories? I wonder what our own children will...

Ways to unwind – ideas for busy mum.

relax and unwind tips for mums
Yet another busy day whirs by. Did you manage to do anything for yourself? Or, was it another day when you juggled so many plates it’s a wonder they didn’t come crashing down? When everyone wants a little piece of you, you’re like a computer with multiple tabs open and running in your ‘browser.’ With...

What do you do when your baby turns two?

My photography studio is a toddler, and I can't believe we made it! It’s surreal to think two years ago I wasn’t sure I could even do it. With my baby in my arms, committing to a commercial space was scary, but in my heart, I wanted to do it. Little did I know what...

Your baby keepsake. Freeze-frame perfection.

baby keepsake hand and foot cast in the frame
Not on Dublin’s high-street: a bespoke baby foot and hand cast with professional baby portrait You have brought a new, precious life into the world. Can you believe how perfect your little miracle is? Your heart melts, as you fall under their spell. They reach up to you. You place your finger in the palm...

UltraScan clients gift program

newborn photos deal with ultrascan
Are you expecting a baby? It is a fantastic news – CONGRATULATIONS! I hope all is going well. I bet you are so excited to meet your baby. Would it look like you or daddy? You are soon to discover. While you are waiting for the little one's appearance you probably are considering booking a private ultrasound...
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