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Baby's first year milestones

We offer a series of 30 min photo sessions for babies under 12 mths old. 

How much does it cost?

Once you decide to get your baby photographed twice within their first year you can get the deal of two short sessions with 5 images on CD and one print for a total cost 239€ total.

Can I have more than two sessions within the first year?

Yes you can add more mini sessions if you wish. Every additional mini session is 40€.

What ages are recommended for the sessions?

There is two major milestones in your baby’s first year of life that would be fantastic times to get the photos of. First would be the strong tummy time. It happens around 4 mth for majority of babies. The next big milestone is once baby sits up unsupported. This usually happens between 6-7 mth. I strongly recommend to wait for your baby to reach the actual skill, rather than following the guide ages, when booking your session date.

20€ off your Cake Smash session

The cherry on top - Once you had your milestone sessions done you can get 20€ off at your Cake Smash session.

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 The rules of the deal

Each short session will last up to 30 min. Each short session will yield up to 5 images to be added your gallery. Only one child can be photographed at one mini session (unless multiples) Apply only to children under and including 12 months old. Booking fee of 80€ is required. Booking fee is non refundable or transferable to other types of booking fees or products. If cancellation accour in less than 48 hours prior to your session the booking fee is used up. If late for your photo shoot only the time left within your booked time slot will be given. If Cake Smash session is ordered the gallery of baby’s milestones can’t be combined with the smash session. Our regular business Terms & Conditions apply with exclusion of the 50€ booking fee requirement. See the business T&C HERE