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A big blue cupcake | Cake Smash Photographer, Dublin

Matthew’s mammy knew exactly what was she doing when picking colors for the cake smash. The blue accents go so well with Mathew’s gorgeous hair!

The set up was very simple.Matthew-cake-smash-boy-first-birthday-photos-photographer-dublin-1 Matthew-cake-smash-boy-first-birthday-photos-photographer-dublin

Matthew-cake-smash-boy-first-birthday-photos-photographer-dublin-2 Matthew-cake-smash-boy-first-birthday-photos-photographer-dublin-3



For Matthew to stand out and play a main role in the photos. His little character is so colorful that it worked beautifully for his photos.


When he has got his big treat, he couldn’t believe his luck. The fun with the cake was amazing. All of the expressions and true emotions we see when Matthew plays with it are just priceless.

Matthew-cake-smash-boy-first-birthday-photos-photographer-dublin-5 Matthew-cake-smash-boy-first-birthday-photos-photographer-dublin-6




The bathtub part was as much fun as the cake. What little boy doesn’t like to splash and kick the bubbles? Cheeky little faces are “the must”!





It was a great fun meeting Matthew, his mammy and dad at my studio. I hope they enjoyed the session as much as I did.