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All you need to know about the Cake Smash session


 Kids love to make a mess and play with food. It’s fun, it’s instinctive and it’s part of their exploration of the world. When we create a fun environment for your child, you can be very sure that some memorable moments will happen, resulting in some memorable and unique photos.

Can't use cake?

If you are not a fan of using cake we can always go for alternative options like fruit or paint splash. Anything that entertains and is fun will work!

The session lasts up to one hour

Before the cake

We start of with some non messy portraits. We would always encourage for the whole family to join in. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get an update of your family photo. There will be some solo portraits of our birthday girl/boy too. This step helps the baby to get familiar with the new environment and get into the swing of things.

The cake smash

Then we bring out the cake. Usually we let the baby to play with it for a while. When they get bored we bring out the weapon (the wooden spoon) to bash the fun out of it. Sometimes we hide some tiny snacks in the cake, to get the little fingers to really explore it, so all trick of the trade are used here to ensure we will get great pictures.

The splash

After all that messy action we move onto a clean up part. There is a small tub filled with just enough water to cover up to baby’s legs and we put in baby’s own bath products to make bubbles. We splash and have fun again.

Do you wonder how does the session flow?

Here is a little clip with all stages of the session.

The props and outfit

At first we will very carefully plan the theme, colours, decorations and outfits for the day.

We do offer a range of different props and clothing for both boys and girls. You are more than welcome to bring along some special items, like personalised t-shirts and tops with child name or anything that you would love to use.

There is also options for balloons, bunting and other decorations to be used in the set up. The styling can be as lush or as simple as you wish.

The cake

There is few guide lines we would like you to consider when buying or making the cake.

  • Beware that the chocolate, as well as red coloured icing, can look little unsightly or even blood like (red icing) when smeared over baby’s skin and surroundings.

  • Butter cream or other soft icing will work best. We found that smaller cakes, up to 8″-10″ diameter work great for the photos with children as they can get lost behind bigger cakes.

  • Most of our bubs wouldn’t have eaten much “cakey” type food before one. It is a good idea to give a baby piece of cake or small cupcake prior to session, so they will get familiar with new type of food and new sensory experience.

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Essential bundle

  • 1 hour photo session
  • 5 images on Cd
  • One (1) image from Cd printed
  • cake not included
  • Viewing appointment at the studio.

Just perfect

first birthday boy cake smash photos dublin
  • 1 hour photo session
  • 15 images on Cd
  • Three (3) images from Cd printed
  • 15% off Wall art, Album and Gifts order
  • basic cake included
  • Viewing appointment at the studio.

Get it all

baby girl eating cake on the floor
  • 1 hour photo session
  • ALL images from your gallery on USB
  • Three (3) images from Cd printed
  • 25% off Wall art, Album and Gifts order
  • basic cake included
  • Viewing appointment at the studio.
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