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Your baby keepsake. Freeze-frame perfection.

baby keepsake hand and foot cast in the frame
Not on Dublin’s high-street: a bespoke baby foot and hand cast with professional baby portrait You have brought a new, precious life into the world. Can you believe how perfect your little miracle is? Your heart melts, as you fall under their spell. They reach up to you. You place your finger in the palm of their tiny hand... Their chubby, perfect foot kicks the air. You hold it gently, almost unable to believe this life is yours to cherish and protect. Those tiny hands that wrap around your finger will soon be bigger. Those darling little feet will soon try on shoes for a nursery. Don’t you wish they might stay this way forever? As a mother of two, I know how priceless baby...

Mint and Pink do go together | Cake Smash Dublin

baby girl in tutu dress mint and pink photo session dublin photographers
When I heard mammy's choice of colours for Leah cake smash birthday photos, I did a little fist pump. I have to admit I do adore mint and pink on its own and even better when it’s put nicely together. There is something very special about combining the two colors. Add to it a sweet cake and even sweeter little person and you have a recipe for very joyful images. It was a great pleasure to work alongside with Leah’s mum at designing the very important photo session. The details and props were picked with utmost care. The design part was as enjoyable as the session and images. The cake was delicious. And amazingly it was created by non-professional baker! A family member does bake for a hobby...

Who can do a lot of mess? | Cake Smash Dublin

baby boy smiling eating cake photo session dublin
Have you seen that much mess yet? I’ve gotta admit it was the first time I have seen so much mess created by only one person. It was at Dawson’s first birthday photo session. It all started so innocently. Gorgeous smiley little boy playing in my studio. We had a great time ringing the bell of the famous little red bike. Some play with toys and rocking chair. Then the giant cupcake came. Dawson had no second thoughts on what to do with the sweet treat. The fun began and watching him having such a great time was amazing.  He had smeared the cake everywhere. All his little rolls were covered. It was so much fun. And do I need to say he wasn’t to...

Girl who rocks the blue! | Cake Smash photos in Dublin

girl birthday first photo shoot session dublin
I'd like to share some pics of a little girl. I met Anna Rose in the studio to capture some photos of her as she just turned one. When I did a consultation on the phone about the styling mammy said she wants girly and pink. Were they little surprised when I suggested THAT background color? Yes, but happily agreed to use it as it works wonderfully with all the pink and girly decorations I intended for this session.  The cake was made with love. Anna Roses mammy went to all lengths to make a cute little cake for the birthday photos. It was so cute and Anna Rose had great fun exploring, playing and munching on it. The fun was great but as we...

Cian’s first birthday | Cake Smash Photos Dublin

cake smash blue dublin photos
Cian came with his mammy and daddy to get some photos done for his first birthday. The gorgeous little boy who just started to walk a few days before. He really enjoyed the rocking toys in the studio. The rocking horse was his favorite but the little white chair wasn’t overlooked either. You’ve gotta try all the options, don’t you? When Cian saw the cake He couldn't believe his luck! With no encouragement needed he took into messing with his special treat.  Making mess is the best thing ever, isn’t it? Wait, is there only one best thing ever, that we are allowed? Ah no, here comes the bath. Yes, the bath is another best thing ever. Call Joanna at 087 413 99 60 or email at...

Deaglan’s birthday photos | baby photography Dublin studio

boy photos dublin photographer
I met Deaglan for the first time when he was just under two weeks new. The squishy gorgeous little boy, that I had so much fun to photograph at his newborn session. Deaglan’s mammy brought him to the studio on several occasions during his first year to update his baby photos. Today I meet Deaglan and his family on a very special day. Deaglan turned one. Look at the cute little happy face on him.  Deaglan loved to be turning one and enjoyed every minute of the fun we created at his photo session. When the cake appeared there was no doubt Deaglan had a great idea of what is going to do. He had a ball munching and playing with his birthday treat. The...