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Ways to unwind – ideas for busy mum.

relax and unwind tips for mums
Yet another busy day whirs by. Did you manage to do anything for yourself? Or, was it another day when you juggled so many plates it’s a wonder they didn’t come crashing down? When everyone wants a little piece of you, you’re like a computer with multiple tabs open and running in your ‘browser.’ With kids around, your mind never goes on standby. Finally, it’s quiet. The kids are in bed, settled and asleep. How can we wind down and sleep peacefully? We know a well-rested parent can conquer the world (of tantrums, sibling wars, and school-runs). But, it’s hard to come by. Frantic to achieve deep restorative sleep and to let go of stress, I looked for a few things to help me to...

What do you do when your baby turns two?

My photography studio is a toddler, and I can't believe we made it! It’s surreal to think two years ago I wasn’t sure I could even do it. With my baby in my arms, committing to a commercial space was scary, but in my heart, I wanted to do it. Little did I know what I would learn or how I would grow as a photographer and as an artist, too. It was not only because I had a very young family that I wanted to create a permanent photographic studio. I knew it was time for space where I could prioritize my clients’ wish for exclusive baby keepsakes. I dreamed of shooting beautifully lit photographs that captured the tenderness of a newborn; the radiance...

News for the 2016!

baby photos info booklet Cd

Hello to everyone in the new 2016! I wish you all a fantastic year, full of joy and love. I am so excited for the future. I am planning several improvements. I hope all of you, my recent and future clients, will benefit with it. To kick start, I am upgrading the booklet, that comes with your CD when you buy a digital files. It include your print release form as before with addition of extended info regarding printing from your files, your CD, prints and artwork care. Please do not omit reading it! Most important: bring the booklet with you, when printing in shops, as some of the retailers will require proof of your rights to print.

Why printing your images is so important?

Many times I was found explaining to my cilents why is it so importand to make prints out of their digital files. Here I would like to share an article that explains all the technical down sides to storing your images digitally only. If you haven’t printed your images yet, I hope you will after reading THIS article.   We, in Visible Moments Photography, will put all the time and effort to help you with choosing images to compose the most suitable collection of printed products for you. To widen the choice we have added new product lines and packages to our offer. Now you can keep your precious memories for many years to come by chhosing our archival quality prints, wall art and albums.