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Your baby keepsake. Freeze-frame perfection.

baby keepsake hand and foot cast in the frame
Not on Dublin’s high-street: a bespoke baby foot and hand cast with professional baby portrait You have brought a new, precious life into the world. Can you believe how perfect your little miracle is? Your heart melts, as you fall under their spell. They reach up to you. You place your finger in the palm of their tiny hand... Their chubby, perfect foot kicks the air. You hold it gently, almost unable to believe this life is yours to cherish and protect. Those tiny hands that wrap around your finger will soon be bigger. Those darling little feet will soon try on shoes for a nursery. Don’t you wish they might stay this way forever? As a mother of two, I know how priceless baby...

UltraScan clients gift program

newborn photos deal with ultrascan
Are you expecting a baby? It is a fantastic news – CONGRATULATIONS! I hope all is going well. I bet you are so excited to meet your baby. Would it look like you or daddy? You are soon to discover. While you are waiting for the little one's appearance you probably are considering booking a private ultrasound scan. That is a great idea. I am so happy to tell you about the gift you will get once your scan is done at UltraScan. Every UltraScan client who wishes to have their newborn photography session at my studio will receive a  session and a print for their child when it is able to sit up. You can read more about this here The gift is only available once you have a...