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Baby boy born on christmas day | Newborn Baby Photography Dublin

When I first heard from Tadgh’s mum it was said, he’s gonna arrive some time in a first half of January 2016. So little did we know and expected.

I got the email on Stephen’s day, a second day of christmas with the amazing news, that Tadgh has made his appearance! Taking everyone by surprise, he arrived on a christmas day! What an entrance, I say.

Few days later I met him, his big brother Jace and his parents for his first photo shoot ever.

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He was absolutely scrumptious! He loved to curl up in the little ball. Photos like that are just priceless. Especially that stage passes very quickly and they discover a freedom of stretching.

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His “big” brother himself was just under a one year old at the time of our photo session. When I worked with Jace, the “big” brother, I made sure the portrait of the two children together is being composited from two separate images in post production process. I feel it’s safer to set up the shot that way than risking an injury to any of the children, due to very young age of siblings.