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What will happen to your family portrait in few years time?

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Will your family portrait survive a digital extinction?

Turn your family portrait into a timeless treasure.

Did you look over the family portraits with your mum or maybe a grandparent, laughing and sighing at the memories? Have you ever flicked through a family photo album and loved every moment?

I wonder what our own children will have to flick through – a floppy disc or a broken USB? What about the pictures you have on your phone – how will they be reached?

While our children

are the most photographed generation ever, scientists say there will be few of their photos available for future generations.


Because the images are almost never printed. The digital technology develops so quickly that ways to store data soon go out-of-date. It’s too easy to think that digital photographs will live forever, but it’s a sad truth that even digital images aren’t archival stable.


Many of your beautiful photographs, whether you hired a professional to take them or snapped them on your phone, won’t survive a generation, let alone multiple generations.

So, what can you do?

You probably have thousands of images on your phone and other devices. How are you going to choose?

Here are some steps that can help.

First, go through your galleries and highlight your favorites – the ones you really want to keep.

Then, leave it and come back a few days later and cull a third of your favorites.

This will leave you with the best of the best, the ones that really count.

Next, consider that culling your photographs down to your favorite is a good habit.

Just as you take photographs with your phone every day, so you can select your best pictures once a month from the photographs you collect.

But maybe you just haven’t got time to take your memory card to get printed in a store. Not to worry, many companies offer online printing. You can even upload them straight from your phone or computer. There are loads of companies offering this online service. I have heard from my clients that Photobox delivers excellent prints.

Top tip! Watch out for the quality of the printer.

Better stay away from one-hour photographic developers. Some print companies are highly-reputable for a reason. Their colors are of better quality, and your finished family portrait will resemble something you will be proud to fit into your album.

With printed photographs in your hands, you must decide what you to do with them. Here’s where you can be creative with how you arrange them.

When it comes to presentation, the classic way to look after our photographs is with albums. They are easy to store, and you can showcase loads of images in one amazing book.  You can choose a ready-made album with pockets to slide your images into, or maybe do a scrapbook-style album of your own. This could be a great activity if you have older kids or even as a wind-down option for the evening time (see my blog here).

family portrait dublin photographer cake smash
At our studio,

we offer a range of high-end photographic albums for all your family portrait that were captured by us. You can create a book featuring only one session or combine a few sessions together. I love it when I create albums combining the newborn sitter with first birthday Cake Smash for a longer photo story. Also, some of the albums come with a personalized storage box that’s just perfect for all your baby memorabilia.

baby boy at his first birthday photo session dublin family portrait photographer

But, maybe you have too many photographs to fit nicely into one album?

Then, let me suggest the idea of a photo book. These are wonderful fun gifts – you choose as many photographs as you want and print them directly onto the pages within a book that is unique to you and your family.  Less formal than an album, they’re easy to store and to have to hand. If you’re struggling for a gift idea, I can’t recommend photobooks enough.

There are loads of online printing places where you can design your book, but my favorite place to print them is Blurb, as they have many creative choices and looks. Their photo books are just great quality.

Top tip! The saying, “Cheap is not best,” counts.

Though printing and framing are expensive, it’s worth it. After all, what’s the point in getting a lovely wall hanging only to discover your family portrait colors fading after a few years?

family portrait dublin photographer

For truly fabulous photographs, why not show them off as high-end wall art?

Still wondering what to do with your stand-out family photographs?

As I’m talking about putting pictures on walls, why not get some of your pictures framed to create a family legacy wall?

From experience, I can say it’s easier to do this with professional photographs. If you’ve had your family portrait done with us, make the most of our aftercare service. We have the ability to edit your family portraits so that everyone looks their very best.

Thinking of how to present your pictures, are you struggling to select which pictures would look good in frames? Visible Moments is happy to offer you advice. We offer a contemporary and classic range of photographic frames to suit your taste and photographs.

Did you know that we also offer full service and print the images we created for you when you order with us?

Still here?

I thought you’d be searching your digital images by now, clicking through them to find the best ones that will turn into timeless treasures.

Don’t look back to this day and regret not getting pictures you love printed. Those memories and the people in the images meant enough for you to photograph, so let’s print your most cherished pictures for your future and present family to enjoy and share together. In the end, I’m sure you will thank me!

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