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Your baby keepsake. Freeze-frame perfection.

baby keepsake hand and foot cast in the frame

Not on Dublin’s high-street: a bespoke baby foot and hand cast with professional baby portrait

You have brought a new, precious life into the world. Can you believe how perfect your little miracle is?

Your heart melts, as you fall under their spell. They reach up to you. You place your finger in the palm of their tiny hand…

Their chubby, perfect foot kicks the air. You hold it gently, almost unable to believe this life is yours to cherish and protect.

Those tiny hands that wrap around your finger will soon be bigger. Those darling little feet will soon try on shoes for a nursery. Don’t you wish they might stay this way forever?

As a mother of two, I know how priceless baby keepsakes are, and I’m pleased I can share an easy way to freeze-frame your little one’s touch for all time.

If you haven’t heard or thought about casts before, let me tell you something about them.

Lifecasting creates accurate 3D replicas of hands and feet through the use of skilled molding, and casting techniques. It only takes a couple of minutes to create your 3D life cast, yet the miniature sculptures last a lifetime.

When I heard about the process, I knew I wanted these sculptures, but I was worried my babies would make such a mess. Thankfully, Petra of 3D Precious Memories is a skilled artist and gifted with young children. My little ones were in safe hands. I’m also happy to say there was no mess or stress.

I now have their casts set in a beautiful frame with a portrait I snapped. Looking at it makes me smile every time.


Because the detailed replicas exactly captured my baby’s dimples, pudgy hands, and adorable feet. I can gaze at their perfect, tiny features any time I want.

How can you get this unique keepsake?

Once a month, Petra visits my studio, and we collaborate on capturing your miracle through lovingly-crafted casts and exquisite, high-end photography.

The next casting day in the studio is on

Friday, 1st of May 2019

01/05/2020 13:05

Book the cast session

Get in touch with Petra of 3D Precious Memories to book your appointment.


call 086 345 1029

What can you expect?

For your session, Petra makes the moulds out of baby-safe impression powder. The powder is a special hypo-allergenic sea-weed based material. In fact, it’s the same material used by the dental industry, so your baby’s delicate skin is safe throughout.

baby keepsake with photo session

When you arrive, the casting session is a very quick, clean and easy process. Baby stays with you for the whole time, usually sitting on your knee.

Using her special tricks, Petra makes sure baby is relaxed and distracted when their hand or foot goes into the muold. Many don’t even notice what is happening.

baby hands and feet moulding session

The mould takes just a couple of minutes to set. Your baby’s happiness is always important to me, so I can assure you we keep baby distracted and content.

With her experience, Petra can tell when the cast has caught every detail. The replica is ready four weeks after the session and looks wonderful set into a high-quality, stylish frame, which you can select when you’re here.

In my experience, the framed casts look even better set next to professional quality portraits.

Here is where I can help.

I’m always thrilled to photograph your baby, and on that day, I’ll be in the studio with a special offer available only for this event.

Book your photo session

Contact studio


089 48 58 518

Make sure you have booked your cast first so we can arrange the shoot time around the time you are in the studio.

The two options you can choose from are:

  • Photo session that lasts up to 15 minutes;
  • One (1) printed image of your choice to in the frame;
  • A digital version of your framed image delivered via download;


Option 1

  • Photo session that lasts up to 15 minutes;
  • Online viewing gallery;
  • One (1) printed images of your choice to go in the frame;
  • Three images delivered via download;


Option 2

  • Photo session that lasts up to 15 minutes;
  • Online viewing gallery
  • Two (2) printed images of your choice posted to you;
  • Two key rings with your favourite photo
  • 5 images delivered via download;


I ensure baby is beautifully lit, and that I capture their true character, smiling, relaxed and happy. After the shoot, I provide you with a high-quality print to set with the casts in the finished keepsake.

baby portrait studio photographer dublin

The baby casting sessions are very popular, so please do book my photographic sessions for the day well in advance. 

Book your photo session

Contact studio


089 48 58 518

[wpforms id=”10155″]Make sure you have booked your cast first so we can arrange the shoot time around the time you are in the studio.

In my opinion, creating a baby keepsake that captures your little miracle’s perfect hands and feet is one of the best gifts you can give your family. While your babies will grow too fast, this memento will always remind you of this precious time in their life. It’s why I did it myself, and why I’m sharing the news with you now.

To make sure you don’t miss your chance, I shall regularly update the blog with dates when Petra of 3D Precious Memories will be in my Dublin studio.

But, if you don’t want to wait, email me at joanna@visiblemoments.co or call 087 413 99 60 to arrange your photo session now. 

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