Your newborn baby photography session

When is the best time to do newborn baby photos?

The best time for your newborn baby photos is from day five to day fourteen after they are born. In these early days, babies tend to be sleepier and retain that fresh newborn curl.

Feeding your baby

To get the most from your session, it is best for the baby to fall deeply asleep. It usually works best if the baby is feed 30minutes before you arrive at the studio. That gives your baby time to settle and fall back asleep during the journey to the studio. Once you arrive I will take care of your baby and you can relax on the comfy couch enjoying cookies and coffee or tea.

During the session

As soon as the baby is happy and sleepy we can get started.

During your session, I will pose and handle your baby with the utmost care. There is no need to worry if you are not feeling 100% yet. I will soothe, swaddle and ensure baby is kept happy.

If the baby is really wide awake and does not want to sleep, I will swaddle her to help her relax and stay happy. I am able to achieve a very cute portrait of your little one even if they won’t like to sleep, so there is no need to worry about it!

Soothers. Some parents do choose to not introduce one and we are totally respecting your choice. Sometimes having soother by hand and using it just for few minutes to settle baby while it’s being photographed can make or break the session. If you can please bring one with you.

Can we have a sibling and parents photos with our newborn baby?

When daddy and siblings are present at the studio, I will do my best to get a family portrait as well as parent/baby and siblings images. These images are usually taken at the beginning of the session. The siblings are then free to go out and explore so we have a nice quiet studio to proceed with photographing your new baby.

Good to know...

  • Our studio is going to keep really warm for baby to feel comfortable without or with very little clothes. Please wear something “light” to cope with the temperature.
  • Sometimes we get little accidents during the session. Sometimes it get’s parents clothes and baby blankets messy. It would be a good idea to have some spares.
  • Your newborn session will last approximately 2.5 hours. This ensures we have enough time to pose and take whatever breaks necessary such as feedings. Please do not book any activities immediately after the session to avoid rushing and stressing. Your baby will feel it.
  • Babies needs come first! Always. If you are not comfortable with a certain pose, let me know. You are always around to hold & support the baby and calm him or her when needed. If the baby gets fussy, we take a break.

Booking your newborn baby photos before baby's arrival?

At a booking stage, I will set your newborn session on a temporary date (usually your due date). Once you have given birth, simply give me a call, we will select and confirm a date for your newborn session within the first 5-14 days.

Essential bundle

baby girl photoshoot dublin
  • Photo session up to 3 hours
  • up to 5 images as digitals
  • printed copies of your chosen images
  • Viewing appointment at the studio.

Just perfect

baby and brother photos dublin
  • Photo session up to 3 hours
  • up to 10 images sa digitals
  • printed copies of your chosen images
  • Viewing appointment at the studio.

Get it all

  • Photo session up to 3 hours
  • ALL images from your gallery as digitals
  • 15 printed copies of your images
  • 100€ credit for album purchase*
  • 100€ credit for wall art purchase*
  • 50€ gift card to use toward your sitter session
  • Viewing appointment at the studio.
  • *the reduction is optional and no alternative product or cash will be given.

Get in touch with Joanna

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You can reach Joanna at 087 413 99 60 or email