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Wall art

Creating a display of your images on the wall can be an overwhelming task.

To help you on your journey I have created a little guide to direct you to the products that you most likely love at first sight.

Tap "?" and answer the questions below to get better idea what product to look for?

I prefer:

  • black and white images
  • color images
  • both

On my walls, I prefer the look of:

  • one large image
  • several small images

I am drawn to:

  • classic framed images and canvases
  • modern looking acrylic prints

My home decor is:

  • traditional
  • modern
  • coastal
  • cottage
  • eclectic

Now put these few words on a note and scroll down our page to look for some ideas of wall art that will fit your home.

Framed options

Framed image display is going to appeal to those with traditional style but it also can create very modern and sleek display if materials are considered wisely. This option will work with color or black and white images. You can create a single image or multiple images displays.

Framed prints

Framed prints are the highest quality archival print mounted behind non-reflective art glass. A range of frames available to achieve the best fit for your needs.

We can create a single image display, a collection of frames or a colleague of images within one frame.

Product pricing

Single print framing

8×10                       330€

16×20                     460€

20×24                     520€

24×30                     610€

30×40                     790€


Collage framing

20″x24″ holds six images             600€

24″x24″ holds four images          600€

24″x30″ holds six images            660€

Classic framed canvas

Framed canvas is a beautiful classic solution to accommodate the need of simple and timeless option of wall art.

Deep framed canvas

Deep framed canvases are a meeting point between classic flat mounted canvasses and modern look of frameless canvas. The space created between frame and canvas creates amazing 3-dimensional addition to the work itself.


Product pricing

Canvas size

16×24                       600€

20×30                      650€

30×40                      840€

Acrylic Prints

HD Acrylics are truly unique. Designed to bring out the best color rendition & sharpness possible. Bonded using the finest adhesive your images are fully UV protected & sealed to last a lifetime.

Framed image display is going to create a very modern and sleek display. This option will work with color or black and white images. You can create a single image or multiple images displays.

Orb (round) image

wall art display idea sitting room wall

Round in shape acrylic print installed on an invisible mount to create a unique look of “hovering on the wall”


Product pricing

Orb price per single arwork

12″                       399€

20″                      449€

24″                       499€

30″                       749€

40″                       769€


Orb collections


12″ + 20″ + 24″         1000€


24″ + 30″ + 40″       1700€