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The perfect gift for Nana. | Family photography Dublin

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It’s been a few days since Christmas and we are all slowly getting back to a normal routine again. On my first day back I opened a fab email from a family that I had photographed a few weeks ago. Nanna got her Christmas gift.

Together we have created images of all the new arrivals and updates of family portraits and some up-to-date snaps of the cheeky monkeys over the last few years. This time they have asked for a “good photo of all the grandchildren” So we collected the crowd in the studio. It was fun to work with all the children, getting them in the mood for the best snap possible. I did use some “Photoshop magic” but the final image was a pure success of many songs sang and a little bit of persuasion from a cup with cream and marshmallows. All the efforts were worth it to see the happy face on nana McKenna and to know that she now has a “great photo of all the grandchildren” on her wall in the sitting room. Of all the gifts you can receive, to me, a photo of your loved ones is one of the most wonderful and meaningful.


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