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Olivia’s first photos | Newborn photography Dublin

I meet Olivia just before the Christmas break when she was only 14 days new. Gorgeous little darling has watched me work with her amazing big eyes. Olivia was so alert for her age.

At mum’s request we used a lot of pink.

[red_one_third]olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-2 [/red_one_third] [red_one_third_last]olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-3 olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-4 [/red_one_third_last] [red_one_third]olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-5[/red_one_third][red_one_third_last] olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-10[/red_one_third_last]

It also was great opportunity to capture the priceless family photo of the new family.

[red_one_third] olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-8[/red_one_third] [red_one_third_last]olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-6 [/red_one_third_last] [red_one_third] olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-7[/red_one_third] [red_one_third_last]olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin-9 [/red_one_third_last]

There is nothing as amazing as seeing the love and happiness that new baby brings into the world.

[red_one_third] olivia-14-days-new-baby-photographer-dublin[/red_one_third]


I hope these images are going to be treasured and loved for generations to come. The family legacy preserves with printed images.

[red_one_half]baby room pictures on the wall newborn baby girl [/red_one_half]